Peripheral Canal

Bay Area Attorneys Working With Property Owners Affected by the Proposed Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Peripheral Canal

The Peripheral Canal will divert water from the Sacramento River, through — or around the periphery of — the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta and into the California Aqueduct, North Bay Aqueduct, South Bay Aqueduct and San Luis Canal via the Jones and Banks pumping stations. The water will then be pumped to Central and Southern California, including to San Francisco Bay Area water providers such as the Santa Clara Valley Water District. canal

If built, the Peripheral Canal could be responsible for homes, businesses and farms being taken and demolished. It could be responsible for decreasing the value to an even higher number of commercial and residential properties.

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Understanding How the Peripheral Canal Could Affect Your Property

The Peripheral Canal poses many types of negative impact to area families, farmers and businesses:

  • Property will be taken through eminent domain
  • Farms will be separated, making farming difficult and more expensive
  • Residents and businesses may be evicted and relocated, and homes and businesses may be demolished
  • There will be construction zones for years
  • There will be noise, vibrations, dust, fumes, etc. both during construction and permanently once the canal starts to operate
  • Physical barriers will be created which separate communities

Before the canal, you might be able to drive straight to your school, a favorite restaurant or shopping center. After the canal, you might have to drive a long distance to get over the canal. You may not be able to walk to your school or favorite park.

While you are entitled to “just compensation” for your property if it is taken, there may be complicated appraisal and business valuations issues that you do not see yet. It is important to retain a qualified eminent domain attorney to begin to think about these issues.

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What Is the Best Way to Protect Yourself?

The best way to protect yourself is to familiarize yourself with the routes of the canal. If you believe your property is in the path of the canal, or will suffer any adverse consequences of the canal, it makes sense to consult with an eminent domain attorney as early as you can. There may be things you can do to protect yourself from the project, and you can protect the value of your property.

Our firm protects the rights of property owners and business owners who may be affected by the California Peripheral Canal. If your path is in the path of the canal, or if you will be affected in any way by the canal, our attorneys can ensure your rights and your property value is protected. Contact Jenny & Jenny, LLP to schedule a free initial consultation.