California High Speed Rail

Bay Area Attorneys Working With Property Owners Affected by the California High Speed Rail

The California High Speed Rail Train will require a substantial amount of private property to be taken by eminent domain — the power of the government to take private property for public use. It will be responsible for homes, businesses and farms being taken and demolished. It could be responsible for decreasing the value to an even higher number of commercial and residential properties.train

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Understanding How the California High Speed Rail Could Affect Your Property

The California High Speed Rail Train Environmental Impact Reports list adverse consequences to commercial, residential and agricultural property because of the California High Speed Rail:

Properties will be taken through eminent domain
Eviction and relocation of residents and businesses
Demolition of homes and businesses
Noise, vibrations, dust, fumes and other problems during construction and once the train is in operation
Loss of privacy due to raised tracks
Impaired views and decreased property value
Construction zones for years
Creation of physical barriers which will separate communities — preventing community members from easy access to restaurants, shopping centers, schools and parks
“A potential impact on a community or neighborhood was identified if an alignment alternative would create a new physical barrier, isolating one part of an established community from another and potentially resulting in a physical disruption to community cohesion.” – The California High Speed Rail Train Environmental Impact Report

“Community cohesion” is a fancy way of saying that you will be separated from your own neighbors, businesses and services. Subdivisions could be divided. Businesses could be separated from freeway access. Farms will be separated which will make farming difficult and more expensive due to difficulties in using tractors, water access and harvesting. Additionally, the economics of scale will decrease the farmers’ profit margins.

While you are entitled to “just compensation” for your property if it is taken, there may be complicated value and appraisal issues — including business valuation — that you do not see yet. It is important to retain a qualified eminent domain attorney to begin to think about these issues.

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The best way to protect yourself is to familiarize yourself with the routes of the California High Speed Rail Train. If you believe your property is in the path of the California High Speed Rail Train, or will suffer any adverse consequences of the California High Speed Rail Train, it makes sense to consult with an eminent domain attorney as early as you can.

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